Graphic Designer / Illustrator

Sem Croft (1996, based in Rotterdam), is a designer from the netherlands that works on commissioned projects and not-commissioned projects.

T:     06 - 117 05 813

Adapt Brand ___ Brand identity

Adapt is a brand that is not being ruled by numbers and profits. This would affect their way of producing high end boots and most of all, their way of thinking. By not having to worry about big stocks that need to be sold they can put all their effort in creating the best product they possibly can. It is their love for skates that drives them to put energy in creating dreams. Adapt is the dream we all chase. It is the road towards perfection, you can be a part of it. Adapt is a different direction, a different mind. 

Nike Air Max 1 ___ Logo Re-style

Logo re-style for the "Nike Air Max 1" shoe collection.


Insulinde ___ Logo design

Insulinde is a type 1 diabetic coach based in Rotterdam. There are a lot of people that have this desease but nobody to talk to about it. Linde (the founder of Insulinde) talks to her clients and helps them with the problems they have.

Tom Stienen Groenonderhoud ___ Logo design

Tom Stienen Groenonderhoud is a small company based in Ridderkerk, The netherlands. Tom Stienen is a man with a big heart for good tools and good services.

Kaap tot Kaap Wyn ___ Brand identity

Kaap tot Kaap Wyn is an importer of South-African wines located in The Netherlands. Kaap tot Kaap Wyn focusses on makers that own their own farm and produce their own wine. The logo is half a protea (the local flower of Capetown) and the other half is a tulip (the local flower of The Netherlands).

(Art)works ___ By Sem Croft

A mix of commissioned and not-commissioned works.